Bailey & Megaesophagus

Megaesophagus is a diagnosis that no longer must mean a death sentence for your dog! Megaesophagus is a disorder where the esophagus becomes enlarged, loses communication with the nerves, and loses its ability to transport food, liquids or medications to the stomach. In the dog’s normal position while walking, the esophagus is horizontal, which means that swallowed substances can come back up and risk being aspirated into the lungs, causing life-threatening pneumonia.

When Bailey was diagnosed at 12 weeks of age and given a poor prognosis, Donna Koch found a way to manage his disorder and later, in collaboration, co-designed the Bailey Chair. The Bailey Chair holds the dog in a comfortable, vertical sitting position, and gravity does the work the esophagus can no longer do – moving food to the stomach.

Since that time, the work continued, while Bailey Koch lived happily ever after, oblivious to his special needs, inspiring thousands of other affected dogs and their families, and helping to teach the veterinary profession to spread the hope!

Bailey finished his work here on Earth in June, 2011, just weeks short of his 13th birthday. He died of cancer, unrelated to his megaesophagus.