Important Considerations

Success usually entails attention to a number of key factors:
  1. Food type/consistency/timing and amount at each feeding.
  1. Dogs generally need one of two types of feeding: water and quality soft food blended to a smooth consistency, from soupy to slurry, depending; or compressed into “meatball format”, swallowed whole.
  1. Hydration is very important, but this needs to be in the chair, too. Some dogs need water thickened with unflavored gelatin and low sodium broth into Knox Blocks.
  1. Smaller feedings, more often.
  1. Time spent after eating food or drinking, in vertical (“begging” position) – at least 15 minutes or more.
  1. The amount of time in between meals.
  1. The owner’s ability to spot a possible aspiration and potential pneumonia and get IMMEDIATE treatment from a DVM.

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