Feeding Tubes Save Lives

A feeding tube can be a lifesaving tool if your pet has megaesophagus that isn't managed well with vertical feeding.  A feeding tube puts the food and nutrients directly into the stomach, bypassing the nonfunctioning esophagus.  While they require some additional care and caution, they can save lives and enhance quality of life.  For some pets, only a temporary feeding tube may be needed.  Below is a link to a 3 minute video demonstration of a low profile (permanent) feeding tube of Rusty, one of my own dogs.  (Rusty does not have megaesophagus, but required the feeding tube for other medical reasons.) After that is a link to an excellent online article by Kathy Morris-Stilwell, DVM, on the subject of feeding tubes for pets.

Demonstration video of feeding tube, 3 minutes:

Article on feeding tubes for pets: